Time doesn’t stand still and neither does design. Every year thousands of new companies will create identities that will serve as the face of their businesses. Every year there are new trends and techniques that designers use for custom logo design to set your company apart. 2018 was no exception as we saw certain elements commonly used in many logo designs across the board. Some ideas were unique to 2018 and some were ideas that have remained timeless.

While you may be inclined to jump onboard with any ongoing trends, be careful. As we mentioned in 6 Things Your Logo Should Say About Your Company you should balance trends with other important factors to make sure your logo design does not become irrelevant every year.

With no further ado, here are the biggest logo trends of 2018.

1. Smart Logos

Smart tvs, phones, and… smart logos. Logo designs that convey the company’s brand or message in a clever way are never going away, so it’s no surprise to see them very popular this year as well. The goal with these logos is to draw your attention and leave you in awe, all while making the logo easy to read and use.


2. Light + Bright Color Schemes

Color is incredibly important when it comes to setting the tone for your customer and it can influence their decisions and emotion. Bright colors are always viewed as positive and upbeat, so its no wonder that brands are opting out for brighter color schemes for their logo designs to appeal to millenials.


3. Inspiration from Geometric Shapes

There’s something about symmetry and geometric shapes that appeals to everyone. They are simple and straight to the point. More logo designs are seen using different shapes in their logo designs.


4. Beautiful Retro Typography & Designs

Vintage type typography and logo design seems to have made its way back into our culture and logo design. Old style lettering and art can be seen in many new brands in 2018.



5. Cut Text

This may seem puzzling on why its a trend, however, it’s becoming quite common. There are different types of cut text being used in logos. Some are letters or numbers being cut into separate parts. Other times, parts of letters or numbers are cut off. Just as with text, our brains are able to unscramble and fill in the gaps. Designs take advantage of this psychological phenomenon and simplify and enhance logo design using these interesting techniques.


6. Smooth Gradients

There’s just something about a good gradient that is super satisfying to the eye. Gradients have been around since the 2.0 era, and luckily, have become much more soothing since then. Many companies have updated their logos and app icons to now include gradients.


7. Simplified Crests

Since the existence of design, we have had crests. They were often used to represent families, kingdoms, alliances and more. It’s no surprise that people are still drawn to this type of logo design. However, the modern crest design tends to be much more simplistic, but still often includes majestic animals such as eagles, lions, and rhinos.


8. Minimal Shapes

One of the biggest trends for the last few years have been minimalistic shapes in logo design that help convey the business’ message to the consumer. These minimal shapes are super easy to use anywhere and they tend to be a favorite of our customers as well.


9. Structural grid logos

We are not talking about structural grid-based logos that actually include grids as part of the design. We are talking about using grids when planning and designing the logo to add symmetry and balance to the logo design. Whether its by using the golden ratio, or any other type of grid, this type of design seems very appealing to the human eye.


10. Animated Logos

Another type of logo that is being seen more often is one with animation. It basically introduces or builds up the logo, drawing your attention to it, and letting you experience the brand. While it’s not practical to use it everywhere (website header, paper products, or anywhere offline), it is a great way to let your consumer form a bond with your brand and gain a different perspective.



Design by MadVitas

Design by Anton Tkachev

Design by Anton Tkachev

11. Simplistic Logo Design

By far one of the biggest things we try to teach our customers is to create brands that will last. Simplistic designs that will stand the test of time. There is a reason why brands such as Nike don’t have to adjust their logos every year. Simplicity always wins.


How to Pick The Right Style & Designer

With so many different types of trends and styles, it may be difficult for your or your company to hire a designer. After all, each designer has their own specific style and does have a limit of what they can produce. This is why at 499 Logos, our process is a bit different. We have a team of in-house designers with various styles that have been tought the fundamentals of building brands that not only stand the test of time but also stand out. Whenever we receive a new project, our team leader hand-picks the designer that would best be suited to bring your logo to life. We believe being flexible and having many designers specializing in different styles is the key to successful projects.  Send us your inquiry and we can have your logo done in 72 hours or less!