instagram marketing mistakes

As a group, we have created many Instagram pages that required marketing. We have hired “marketing professionals” in person (in New York) and online. We took a chance on freelancers, marketing agencies, and platforms such as Fiverr. All of them have failed us and brought us limited results. Since then, we have hired top experts in Instagram marketing to our team and learned from our mistakes. Now, we offer a unique Instagram marketing service to our clients.

Learn from our mistakes, so you don’t have to repeat them and waste thousands of dollars and ruin your reputation in the process.

1. Fake followers

It is a common misconception that if you can boost the number of followers in your account, that others will flock to follow you as well. Instagram marketers can swarm thousands of fake followers and bots to your account within the hour. However, it is very obvious when the followers are fake, as the engagement is very low,¬† each of the follower’s accounts has 10X more followings than followers, and every now and then you’ll see thousands of followers disappear from these businesses after Instagram cleans out the bots. Yet, because these Instagram marketing agencies don’t know the right strategies, or want to impress you, they will always flood your business with fake followers.

We never use fake followers.

2. Targeting the wrong audience

Whether it’s creating a logo design or marketing your product, you have to know your audience. Instagram marketing agencies fail to do their research and will boost your followers, but what good are they, if they are not interested in your product or content? Is it better to have 100,000 followers that don’t care about you or your business or a 100 followers who will engage and buy your products?

We research your market thoroughly, test and target to find the correct audience.

3. Low engagement

high engagement instagram marketing

This brings us to our next point. Fake followers or targeting the wrong audience can lead to low engagement. When you post stories and posts, they will be shown to your fake followers and bots, who will undoubtedly ignore your content and thus it won’t be shown to people who may actually be interested in your content.

We strive to create content and a marketing strategy that will drive real engagement.

4. Spammy content

beautiful instagram feed

An example of a beautiful instagram feed.


Content is everything on Instagram. You have to create content that will not only be relevant to your business, but that will engage and grow your following, and in the end – result in sales. Instagram marketers will steal and create low-quality content that will look spammy and will destroy any trust in your business. Stolen content can also result in suspended accounts and lawsuits.

We have marketing experts, but our entire business is focused on creating a better user experience and building beautiful designs. Our marketing experts will work alongside our designers to create custom content just for your page. Even if you use us for a month, you will get a month’s work of custom design for your social media account for you to keep. Your Instagram account will look aesthetically beautiful and professional.

5. Leaving spammy comments and overusing hashtags

Spam on instagram

An example of spammy behavior.


Another common strategy in Instagram marketing is to spam users with duplicate comments. If you use Instagram, you have noticed this already. After you hashtagged and posted your photo, you may see a generic comment such as “Great photo!”. When you click on it, you’ll see it is a business or individual that may or may not follow you and has a high following. This strategy is effective in the short-run, but in the long-run, it won’t increase engagement, it won’t lead to more sales, and it can get your account suspended or permanently banned. Another tendency is to spam each of your posts with hashtags. Truth is, many of the hashtags are irrelevant or too competitive and won’t be seen by ANY users.

We never engage users with generic, spammy comments and hashtags.

6. Blocked accounts 

Finally, the strategies above (and others we haven’t mentioned) can be against Instagram’s terms of service and can get your account temporarily suspended, or permanently blocked. Instagram and Facebook are the same company, so if you get banned on either, you can get your account banned on both and without any kind of appeal process. We have even heard of accounts from our customers where their Instagram accounts magically changed passwords and the marketers disappeared altogether. If your account becomes highly successful, it may be tempting for someone to sell your account or use it for their own needs. As a business, you don’t need these problems.

We use white hat techniques that are allowed by Instagram and keep your account 100% safe and secure. In the worst case scenario, we will work with you to make sure to recover your account.

7. Wasting money on advertising


Advertising on Instagram can be effective. However, many Instagram marketers will dump your money into boosting posts and creating inefficient marketing campaigns. We have seen businesses spend ten times as much on these campaigns than our clients and get vastly inferior results. Everyone knows marketing can be a black hole. It’s not about how much money you dump into marketing, it’s about how it is utilized.

We don’t spend your money boosting your posts, we focus on creating content and engaging with your audience.

Let’s get started on growing your Instagram page the right way.