What is Branding?

Branding by definition is the practice in marketing of creating a consistent design for a company.  This includes the business name, logo, and marketing materials.  Companies use branding in order to make advertising more efficient and their company more recognizable. You can say that pirates were the pioneers of branding, as their skull & bones flag was one of the most recognizable symbols in the sea, and symbolized trouble for anyone who was unlucky enough to come across it. It is such a powerful and timeless symbol, that we still recognize it and see it today.

The reason why companies use branding is consistency. Imagine a company such as Nike, using different names, logos, and colors for all their products. They would never have been able to build trust and grow as a company. Customers would have to question each product. Instead, when you see the Swoosh on a shoe, you know who made it and what to expect. Fast food companies such as McDonald’s use the same tactics. Even though they are a huge corporation, with tens of thousands of franchises across the world, each one of them looks almost identical.  Same name, same colors, same design, and the same products (with some exceptions). McDonald’s can easily dump millions of dollars into advertising, and it won’t just advertise one of their products, but ALL of them. It’s a powerful technique, and without good branding, a business cannot grow.

How important is branding?

Branding and design are one of the most, if not the most important aspects of your business. It’s how you gain your customer’s trust, advertise, and present your product. Apple differentiated itself from the competition and grew into one of the world’s biggest companies by focusing on design and user experience. Imagine, you go to a restaurant and a waiter serves you with a messy plate of food that looks very unappetizing. You are immediately turned off, although unbeknownst to you, it was made by the world’s greatest chef and is one of the most delicious meals ever made. You may not even try it, and if you do, you may still be put off. Now imagine, the world’s greatest chef serves it to you on a beautifully arranged plate. You get excited at just the chance to try this. Even if for some reason, it turns out not to be to your satisfaction, you will still share your experience with everyone and may be willing to try other dishes. The same goes for any products of your business. How many times have you seen a crappy product drop-shipped from China, rebranded with a great name and beautiful packaging for 5x the price? Some of those businesses are making 7 figures and more a year. All due to branding and advertising.

Here’s what we offer.

We can help craft you craft the perfect brand for your product or idea. From choosing the name to acquiring a domain name, to crafting a logo design, creating colors and marketing materials – we can do it all.

If your business already has a logo and colors that you are happy with, our designers can create a beautiful branding package that includes letterhead, envelope design, business cards (front & back), t-shirt design, and pen design.

What is the cost of branding?

Other companies will fish for your budget and try to see how much money they can take from you. Pricing for branding, even in New York can vary wildly. Branding agencies can charge anywhere from $x,xxx to $x,xxx,xxx for the same exact type of work within the same agency depending on the client’s budget. Our designers have worked for Fortune 500 companies, where companies spend anywhere from $xx,xxx to $x,xxx,xxx on branding per project. On average, companies spend $x,xxx – $xx,xxx on branding.

We are different. Our pricing is affordable, up-front and transparent. Contact us and let us know exactly what you are looking for (or we can suggest based on your needs) and we can provide you with a flat quote up-front.

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